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Arte Pan bakeable flavors

Discover our Arte Pan line, bakeable flavors that provide flavor and aroma to your baking and pastry recipes. What is the importance of using bakeable flavors? They won't lose intensity in high temperatures, so your recipe will have a unified and intense flavor and aroma.

Odoo • Image and Text
    Odoo • Text and Image

    Autumn flavors to fall in love with

    Autumn means cozy afternoons with a delightful dessert. From the traditional Pan de Muerto to a delicious cranberry mousse or an apple cinnamon pie with a mazapan ice cream. Make your customers and family fall in love with your dessets.

    6 NEW Natura flavors

    Meet the new members of the Natura family: tamarind, tangerine, cantaloupe, banana, peach and hibiscus. 

    Our Natura flavors were developed to provide a more natural flavor profile, many of the flavors in this line are natural identical flavors, meaning that the chemical structure to make the flavoring concentrate or essence was taken and replicated from the natural fruit.

    Odoo • Image and Text
    Odoo • Image and Text

    Royal icing mix

    Prepare a professional delicious icing or glaze in two simple steps. Just add water, stir and decorate! 

    TIP: add color with our wide variety of Gelicolors.

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